Coloured Sweat live @ Round Midnight

Wednesday, 1 February at 21.30 CS live at Round Midnight, Trieste!
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Vesela nedelja

One-shot music video by Andreja Bruss. Watch the video of our expanded "Happy sunday", featuring Alice Porro on Flute, Gabriel Maizan on Clarinet, Gabriele Petracco on Vibraphone, Yannis Maizan on Baritone Sax, Nejc Rogelja on Tuba.

Coloured Sweat live @ Round Midnight

Thursday, 4 April at 21.30 CS live at Round Midnight, Trieste!
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Coloured Sweat live in Postojna

Watch the video of our last performance at the Zmaj ‘ma mlade Festival in Postojna (SLO). We opened the concert with our song Coloured Sweat. New videos coming soon...

Coloured Sweat playing cards

In today’s crisis of the music industry we decided to higher our income by selling our playing cards to children, who are less aware of the value of money, and so are more willing to finance us.

This message appeared on our FB on 11 Aug 2018 to raise awareness - using irony - of the difficult situation that musicians and smaller players of the music industry are facing today. With these posts that were published on Facebook we wanted to show that before any nice song, show, music video or photo, practical problems need to be solved, and the biggest one is: “Where do I get the money to do it!?” Probably the most of the people think that music is not about money, but it does not mean that there is no need for it in order to make good music.

We damn need money guys! So, please, give it to us!

P.S.: The campaign was quite successful with a good bunch of likes and comments;

New concert: Postojna (SLO), 31/08/2018

#donotmiss our next concert at the festival «Zmaj "ma mlade» in Postojna (SLO) on Friday, 31th august 2018, at 8.30 pm. We will share the stage with Počeni škafi (SLO) and Gustafi (SLO).
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New LP released!

On the 17th november we released our first LP named Greatest Hits! Check out how it sounds here

Extract of Farfisa seed, semi-skimmed seventh chords, nickel flour, natural flavors of active pickups, hi-hat powder. Keep in dry and cool place. Does not contain preservatives.
E100, E104 and quite a lot of E437

A,B,C,D,E,F and G
Tested on reckless human volunteers.

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