The project

We are Coloured Sweat, a rock band based in a small Italian city called Trieste. We formed our band in 2010 and since then we tried to grow and to evolve without limiting our creativity. As the majority of underground bands, we do not earn enough money to financially justify our activity. In our mind this is the biggest problem of underground music. The only way to exist is to do everything alone, without wasting time following the promises of easy success made by fake music labels, talent shows, fake contests and all of the traps that an average band normally falls in. Production, promotion, booking, web developing, graphics, video making, are all done by ourselves. It is really hard, but at least we are free to do whatever we want. When we collaborate, we like to do it with people that really want to express themselves through their work, and that is how we try to be part of the artistic scene that surround us. This is shortly who we, Coloured Sweat, are. If you would like to get to know us, we suggest you listen to our songs, watch our videos, visit our web pages and judge our material. At the end, if the impression we left you is a positive one and you would like to help, just contact us and we will find a way to collaborate.
> Press kit (PDF)

The members

Matteo Formigli Vocals, Guitar
Marko Jugovic Drums, Percussons, Vocals
Ilija Ota Guitar, Vocals, Farfisa
Jakob Jugovic Saxophone
Matjaž Kafol Trombone

Our helpers

Pihalni Orkester Ilirska Bistrica Orchestra
Peter Kovačič Bass
Michele Blasina Bass
Peppe Dilillo Bass
Gianfranco Paliaga Bass
Giacomo Perco Bass
Martin Guštin Bass
Milan Ota Bass
Marco Mattietti Drums
Mathias Butul Drums
Mattia Agostinis Drums
Denis Zupin Percusions
Marta Donnini Backvocals