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If the world were clear, art would not exist.

[Albert Camus]

2015   Collective exhibition of the poster contest "Linee di luce", organized by Hospitale dei pellegrini and Elettra Sincrotrone in Milano. The jury selected only 38 submissions from all Italy
2015   Collective exhibition at the "Draga mladih" in Opčine with the work Brez naslova / Senza titolo
2011   Collective exhibition of the artistic workshop Vajkard at Snežnik castle
2010   Personal exhibition in Ricmanje, OblikovanJe
2010   Personal exhibition in Aurisina, 2x3=3x2
2010   Exhibition at the first festival of letters "1. Festival Črk" in Ljubljana with the poster of "Crepaldi" alphabet. First prize at the contest for "Erotic & typography" poster, exclusively printed in 12 copies with road roller; some examples were sold in an auction
2009   Collective photographic exhibition "KAJ" at Prosvetni Dom of Opicina
2009   Exhibition of TypoMemory at the design exhibition "Oko za oko" [selection of the best works realized during the academic years] at Fužine castle in Ljubljana
2009   Collective exhibition linked to the 23rd contest for figurative arts "Lilian Caraian"
2009   Coordination of the workshop on the graffiti in Dolina, Breg v barvah - il Breg a colori(Breg in colour)
2009   First personal photographic exhibition at ITIS [design of the exhibition invitations and setting up]
2008   Photographic exhibition at the design exhibition "Oko za oko" [selection of the best works realized during the academic year] at Tivoli castle in Ljubljana
2008   Exhibition of hand-processed photographic compositions at Artefatto 2008
2008   First prize of the audience at MOSP/SKK photographic contest>
2007   Collective exhibition of the United Nations of the Arts Academy at ITIS during the international symposium "Stavropulos"; the work is part of the permanent collection
2004   Narodna in študijska knjižnica / Biblioteca nazionale e degli studi (National library of the studies), Trieste, first personal exhibition "Graffiti" [reviews in Primorski dnevnik and Il Piccolo of Trieste]