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➝ |   Since 2009, he currently works as graphic designer at the advertising and marketing studio Studio Mark
2016   Becomes member of AIAP,
Italian Association of Visual Communication
2010   Thesis dissertation about visual communication [in accordance with previous study regulations] on the coordinated image for Crepaldi farm obtained with full marks.
2009   After focusing on self-production and personal works, he starts working at Studio Mark
2008   Traineeship as graphic designer at Studio Link di Rado Jagodic
2005   He passes the admission exam at the Academy of Fine Arts and enters the section of visual communication

He passes the school-leaving examination at the State Technical Institute Žiga Zois [surveyors’ section] in the school year 2004/05 with the score of 86/100

In November, he receives the “School and sport” prize awarded by the ZSŠDI association with the participation of Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Carso (Bank of Cooperative Credit of Karst of Opicina)
2004   Traineeship as surveyor at the technical studio of the surveyor Aleksander Sosič; weekly traineeship at Ljubljanski Geodetski Biro of Ljubljana
2003   Surveyor traineeship at studio Clak [architect Marino Kokorovec]
2002   Surveyor traineeship at Studio F [surveyor Franco Crevatin]
2000   Lower secondary school exam at Srečko Kosovel school of Opicina with 10/10 score
1986   Born in Trieste, Italy