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Curriculum musicæ Gruppi musicali

1994   He familiarized with music by enrolling the young choir Vesela Pomlad, directed by Franc Pohajač.
1996   He started to attend the saxophone class at the college of music Giuseppe Tartini of Trieste with Master Massimiliano Donninelli.

Oxidized Jupiter alto sax
2001   After two years of experimentations with guitar as self-taught player – thanks to uncle Andrea for the remarkable support – with boys of similar music ideas (inclination for nu-metal), he formed the cover-band SOADdict and performed in three concerts the songs of System Of A Down

Fender Telecaster "Bullet"
2003   With the singer Matija Dolenc he met the percussionist Stefano D’Alessio: in this way Criminal Café was born and he composed his own pieces of music in a sort of common musicotherapy

Custom guitar (JJ)
2009   The preference for complex rythms and for polyrithmic riffs pushed him to join the group Liquid Gate and he carried out few, however interesting dates

5-stringed Harper bass
2010   He approached the recording techniques and focused on the Criminal Café project also working with MIDI synthesizers for drums simulation

Micro Korg
2011   His passion for 5-string bass and for a range of music types that spaces from progressive metal to math-core music, led him to the Shattered Thought Patterns where he plays for the first time with his brother Marko

Ibanez BTB 675
2012   After a decade of string instruments he went back to saxophone joining the brass section of Coloured Sweat