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Tradizionalea Vector Mixed Sketches

Traditional illustration exploits at the highest degree manual expressiveness and it is therefore hard to be replaced by the digital one. Basic techniques that I learnt at the Academy are stroke drawing, charcoal drawing, xylography, etching, water colour, acrylic and "plastic stencing".

Climate change - pencil self-prtrait - ink pen anatomy - etching self-portrait - woodcut plastic foil - gouache twix - gouache aluminium foil - gouache glass - gouache anatomy - acryl color study 1 - acryl color study 2 - acryl color study 3 - acryl painted model  - acryl1 painted model 2 - acryl colour composition 1 colour composition 2 C1P8 - acryl frog - pastel CD cover - acryl book cover - acryl exlibris winter greetings technical drawing 1 technical drawing 2 ameba anatomy dwarf ravens selfie