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In the age of interactive communication, we are surrounded by boundless incitements that capture our attention. For a creative person instead, the incitement is that of seeking dynamic forms by integrating them in a harmonic ensemble.

ON-OFF Prototype for a point-and-click game realized with the help of a programmer. The "viewer" sideways runs the environment; by clicking or passing the mouse, some objects come to life.  
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  I realized the graphics and wrote the HTML/CSS code of Studio Mark site (visit the site), included all the renders of the gallery section > publishing projects.

  It is a presentation mini-site of the self-parody group EJ-grupa
(visit the site).

  Is the site you are surfing on.
Besides the HTML/CSS code I created “ad hoc” all the icons and took the photographs.

  The web page of the avant-garde metal music project. Made responsive, contains also self-edited multimedia (videos, music, graphics).
(visit the site)