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Camera obscura Genres POP Photo retouching

The photographic medium allows managing the finishing touch in a more complete and more complex way than traditional photography. In this way, it is possible to work on the blocking out of elements, on chromatic correction, on reconstruction of missing parts as well as on experimentation such as stereographic photography to be watched with 3D red-cyan glasses.

Stereographic photography

Stereo butterfly Stereo fly Stereo bees Stereo bees Stereo bug Stereo bug Stereo bug Stereo bug Stere macroo Stereo Marko Stereo Marko Stereo Pavle

Photo retouching

Karst land - PRE Karst land - POST Old books - PRE Old books - POST City view - PRE City view - POST Studio photo - PRE Studio photo - POST Coffee and city - PRE Coffee and city - POST Xmas Tominc - PRE Xmas Tominc - POST Theatre window - PRE Theatre window - POST